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Class orion.webui.dialogs.ConfirmDialog

Extends orion.webui.Dialog.

Defined in: </jobs/genie.orion/orion-client-stable/workspace/bundles/org.eclipse.orion.client.ui/web/orion/webui/dialogs/ConfirmDialog.js>.

Class Summary
Constructor Attributes Constructor Name and Description
Creates a modal confirm dialog.
Methods borrowed from class orion.webui.Dialog:
destroy, hide, show
Class Detail
Creates a modal confirm dialog.

Dispatches a orion.webui.dialogs.DismissEvent giving the confirmation value.

{Object} options
The options for this dialog. Only options specific to ConfirmDialog are documented here; see @{link orion.webui.Dialog} for a list of other usable options.
{String} options.title Optional
The title to be displayed in the dialog's title bar.
{String} options.confirmMessage
The message to be displayed in the dialog.
{Boolean} options.yesNoDialog Optional, Default: false
A boolean which if true indicates that this dialog should have yes/no buttons instead of ok/cancel buttons.

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